Sunday, March 5, 2017

Juggling in Threes by Deborah Lytton

When I decided to become a writer, it was because I love books and I love words. I thought my work would be all about writing. How very wrong I was! In fact, I have learned that there are three areas a writer must juggle, and all are equally important.

1. Writing. This is why we are writers. It is what we are driven to do. But sometimes we have to remember the other two areas that support this work and give them some attention.

2. Promotion. Promote your work and promote yourself. Some authors are genius at this. I truly admire them. Promotion is so important and so hard to do. Start with establishing your social media platform by blogging and commenting on other blogs or attending conferences and networking. It's about getting yourself out there in the writing world and connecting with other writers and readers.

3. Business. The business of being a writer is like office work. It involves queries to agents or publishers or creating a website or even preparing calling cards in the form of bookmarks or postcards. I find that making a list either on the computer or in a notebook (I'm old school) and then updating is the best way to keep track of these tasks.

If you are like me and your writing time is limited, you will have to find a way to balance all three of these things. All the writers I know find their own way of juggling. Some set schedules and some set goals. I do both. See what works for you. Happy writing!