Because Every Character Needs a Dark Side

Its hard sometimes to give our characters dark sides -- but isn't that what makes them interesting?

Isn't that what makes US interesting?

Reminds me of this comic, which I shared at Live Your Poem last year just after GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee was released:

My father sent me this clipping... along with a
treasure of a letter about his reaction to GO SET A WATCHMAN.
So, bring on the dark! (Good reminder for me as well, as I am mid-way through a 6 week writing challenge where I write 1,000 words a day in a middle grade novel I have written, oh, about 15,263 times!)

Wishing everyone a lovely Labor Day weekend!
Irene Latham's first bits of writing were love poems – for her mother. She is the award winning author of two novels for children LEAVING GEE'S BEND and DON'T FEED THE BOY. She also serves as poetry editor for Birmingham Arts Journal and has published three volumes of poetry for adults. Named the winner of the 2016 International Literary Association-Lee Bennett Hopkins Promising Poet Award, her latest books are poetry for children. Titles include DEAR WANDERING WILDEBEEST, which was named an SCBWI Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award Honor book, FRESH DELICIOUS:Poems from the Farmers' Market, and WHEN THE SUN SHINES ON ANTARCTICA.


  1. It's always hard for me to "throw my character to the sharks" and tap into the dark side. But when I do, what a story! Thanks Irene.

  2. I have one of those projects--one Ive rewriteen 15,000 times! Gonna tackle it again this winter. Best of luck with your own rewrite!


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