Racing Against the Clock by Laurie Calkhoven

I'm racing to meet a deadline and don't have time to write about time, but I did want to share a trick I use to get myself to write on those days when I really don't want to write.  I tell myself that after a free writing session I can stop for the day. Then I set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes, pick up a pen, and go.

Writing by hand works best for this. Something about the connection between the subconscious and the page. I always find myself racing to beat the timer, not thinking so much about the words as I am about finishing the scene (or whatever) in the allotted time. Usually by the end of the 15 minutes, some interesting, juicy things have bubbled up because I turned off my thinking brain. And because juicy, interesting ideas bubbled up, I want to write. (But not always, and then I honor my promise to myself and stop for the day).

On another note, check out these cute covers for my first Easy Readers (being published in August).


  1. Great tip Laurie. Love the covers...looks like more "girl power" books! Love them!

  2. That really is sound advice! I'll second Darlene. Great covers!


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