Smack Dab in the Classroom by Dia Calhoun: Dreams as Writing Prompts

Writers often use their dreams as inspiration. So here is an excellent way to tap into kid’s creative powers—especially those kids who say they have no ideas. On Monday, give then an assignment to remember and write down any dreams they can remember over the following week. Some kids will remember many, some only a few. But over the course of a week everyone should have at least two dreams they remember.

The following Monday, ask them to write the story of their dream—and complete it. Now for some the actual dream may be the beginning of the story, and they will use it as a point of departure. For others the dream may be the end, and they need to figure out the beginning.

Also, if they’ve remembered more than one dream, as them to combine the two dreams into one story. The advantage to this is the student already has something brewing in their mind via the dream. And beginning to imagine around the dream often unlocks ideas.

I’ve written some of my best work this way.


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