January Theme: RESOLVE
By Marcia Thornton Jones

My story characters don’t have the luxury of giving up. If they did, there would be no story. But the truth is, most of us do give up on our New Year’s resolutions. We can blame it on temptations, luck, schedules, or fate. But it really boils down to resolve. When we don’t back up our resolutions with resolve, or determination, we fail. Especially if our resolutions are based on external reasons (ought-tos and shoulds) instead of authentic/intrinsic desires.

This month’s theme of resolve and resolutions made me wonder:

1.      What resolutions would my characters make?
2.      Why? Are their resolutions based on external pressures or authentic reasons?
3.      What external obstacles might challenge my characters?
4.      What character weaknesses will my characters need to overcome in order to succeed?
5.      What proactive strategies could my characters use to help increase their resolve?

Maybe focusing on my characters’ resolve will even teach me a thing or two about my own!


  1. Love this! Already pondering my characters' resolutions, and what obstacles I'll throw in their paths.....


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