Twain Would Tell Us to Leave Our Hearts On the Page: Cervantes

Today is Mark Twain’s birthday! I have loved him for so many reason not the least, his writing.  So today I say happy birthday to a writer who left his heart on the page. Isn’t that what we all strive to do…in the end?

Twain once said, "there is nothing that cannot happen today." Some might see this as worrisome and others will see it as the limitless possibilities that are laid before us. We are only limited by our imaginations.
So today I am reminded of all that can be, of Bukowski—who said, “find what you love and let it kill you,” and of leaving my heart on the page.

 Happy Birthday, Mr. Twain!


  1. Thanks to Mr. Twain for leaving so many memorable bits behind as well. Thanks Jen!

  2. Oh, Bukowski... he did exactly that, didn't he? xo


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