October Theme (Kristin Levine)

I know our October theme is supposed to be strange and creepy, but I'm afraid my month has been more full of warm and wholesome.  It has included a wonderful trip to Oklahoma City where I got to present with two lovely and talented authors, Nikki Loftin and Joan Bauer, ...

... a trip to an apple orchard that resulted in a delicious pie...

... and an entertaining trip to a pumpkin patch/farm with my kids.

Now, the scary thing is how little work I've done on my writing!  Well, there's always next month to be more productive.  Happy fall!!


  1. Oklahoma is my home state, Joan Bauer is a favorite author, and I love the pic of the cow - all warm and wholesome stuff! Much better than strange and creepy!
    Now will you tell us who's who in the pic of the authors?

  2. Just clicked on the pic and tried to make out the name tags - Kristin (I loved Lions of Little Rock), Nikki, and Joan...am I right?

  3. Love it when life intervenes in such wonderful ways.


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