My 5th Grade Teacher Was Losing It! Or, When I Knew I Wanted to Become an Author

“Danette needs to work harder in reading.” -My fifth grade teacher.

Welp, I thought she definitely had me confused with someone else. Either that, or she had gone crazy. Since I always had to have the last word, I set out to the library just to prove dear old Miss. Gotlieb wrong (she was young but dear old sounds better). Funny thing was, while I was doing all of that ‘proving,’ I was hopelessly falling in love with books.

It was in that library where a tiny seed (my dream seed) was planted. I thought maybe one day I’d be able to be on the other side of a book. Maybe one day I’d write one.

With each book I read, the seed grew stronger but life got in the way and stunted the growth of that seed. It wasn't until after I re-met (a story for another time) the man who would become my husband, had two kids, sprouted some grey hair and acquired dogs, cats and lots of goldfish, that that seed began to grow again. Only, this time it was at a fast and healthy rate.

Maybe life, with all of its twists and turns, was actually Miracle Grow in disguise for that seed. 

Whatever the case, thank you, Miss Gotlieb!


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