January Theme: MY FIRST FAN LETTER by John Claude Bemis

Writing for young readers brings special rewards. Getting that email from a parent who says that your book turned their “non-reader” into a rabid reader. Visiting a school and seeing projects and skits based on your novels. Having a kid excited to meet you and get your autograph at a book signing.

I won’t deny it. It’s the best!

I’ve gotten some wonderful and humbling fan letters over the years. The one I’ll always remember and treasure with special importance was the very first fan letter I got. It came not a week after my first book The Nine Pound Hammer was released. Here it is…

September 1st, 2009

Dear John Claude Bemis,

I have recently finished your newest book The Nine Pound Hammer, the first book in your Clockwork Dark Series. I loved the book! I was lucky enough to get to see you at your book signing and Medicine Show debut in Hillsborough NC and you signed my book. Now I am craving more! You are the author of my favorite book! I can hardly explain to you how much of an impact this book had on my schedule. All I did was read. I would get home from school and do my homework then read until time to take a shower. Then I would finish getting ready for the next day and read some more! I do not have another SUPER book to read so I am pleading with you…PLEASE write your next book fast! I need it!



I know what it feels like to rush through a shower to get back to my newly discovered favorite book. I became a writer for young readers because of that thrill of finishing a SUPER book and dying for the next one to come out.

If all I ever do is have the kind of “impact” on some kid’s “schedule” like I did for Evan, then I consider myself a happy writer.

Happy 2012, all!


  1. Having actually seen you in action with a group of kids during one of your recent skits/talks at a school, I know you make fans and readers out of kids and grown-ups wherever you speak. Congrats on this wonderful fan letter!

  2. Fan letters rock. And yes--PLEASE write your next book fast!

  3. This is one fantastic gift to be given by a reader, and a well-deserved one as well!

    I hope the illustration is hanging in your writing cabin.

    -- Tom

  4. Thanks, Tom. Yes, I've got a bulletin board with fan art. That always motivates me.


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