October Theme: The Halfway-Point Inspiration Burst (Holly Schindler)

Initial sparks of inspiration are important, no doubt about it. (Where's a writer without a basic plotline?) But for me, those ah-ha! moments come pretty frequently. I get new ideas before I get a chance to get a current book finished...And I love the setup...I adore getting those first few chapters down on paper.

The middle? Not so much. I find middles extremely difficult. It's so easy for me, once I hit the middle of a book, to gravitate toward a new idea, and sink into a fresh beginning all over again.

I find that I need a burst of inspiration to kick me into gear again once I hit that middle. And nothing works better than just a little bit of kindness...a sweet gesture. Below are a couple of "Because You've Been Working So Hard" bouquets that recently made their way to my kitchen table.

...And judging by my crazy-good word count lately, boy have they worked...


  1. Holly, these are gorgeous! I have a friend who believes in sending flowers to friends while they are still alive (rather than the traditional alternative)... great practice, and so appreciated. And yes, inspiring.

  2. Aren't they lovely? It was nice to look up (bleary-eyed) and see them next to my pages. Your friend's got it right--that gesture makes SUCH an impact...


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