Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Valentine To Those Who Nurtured the Writing "Bug"

Various people from Very different backgrounds
Allow me to burden them with prose.
Listening to my stories, Liking the words, Lending their
Expertise. Encouraging me to keep on writing.
No one says, "Give up."
They help me get it right with patience and good sense.
It is a solitary pursuit, yet It cannot be done alone.
None may think they have made a difference deleting, or offering new words to replace old. Yet...
Each one of you is this writer's greatest gift.



  1. Perfectly said. One of my favorite 'exercises' from THE ARTISTS WAY was drawing a circle and placing those that don't support my writing outside the circle while placing those that do support me inside. While I may not be able to eliminate people from my circle of support in real life, it's good to know who builds me up and who has the potential to knock me down!