Friday, July 26, 2013

July Theme: Sweet Treats by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

When I was a kid, some nights my mom would allow us to have ice cream for dinner. I remember often using that opportunity to take an evening walk to Baskin-Robbins in D.C. to get either the Butter Pecan or Bubble Gum flavors. Or both. Sometimes we'd choose Carvel. (For a time, we lived near the very first Carvel, and I once played in the Marching Band outside the shop -- and by "Marching Band" I mean, me, one of my best friends, and I think one other person, because yes, I was one of the hardy few willing to wear a green and white polyester track suit while playing an instrument outside of a popular high school hangout. We did get free "Flying Saucers" afterward, so there's that.) Other times, the "Jim Dandy" at Friendly's was my choice -- a super banana split with five scoops of ice cream. I went with chocolate and caramel sauce, and whipped cream. The nuts and cherry were merely distractions in my book.  And then sometimes we'd just go with at-home, at-the-kitchen-table bowls of whatever flavours my sister and I could agree on buying. 

These were some of the best dinners, and "dessert" was usually a book, read aloud, or silently side-by-side. Harriet the Spy was one dessert read that I remember vividly, as well as multiple volumes of The Chronicles of Narnia. There is something about the sheer magic of children's books and ice cream that goes hand-in-hand.

Now, my favorite ice cream journey is a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for some vanilla with extra butterscotch. In a pinch, a nearby spot offers a wonderfully salty-sweet flavour called "Salted Crack Caramel". Now, I bring my own daughter, and try to pretend that I don't relish these trips as much as she does (weak attempt at perpetuating my "responsible mom" mystique.) And sometimes it's ice-cream-for-dinner. Or lunch. Or a sweet celebration. Or just today. And we love "dessert" just as much.


  1. Dear Gbemi, I know all about that responsible mom mystique. :) Maybe you and daughter can write an ice cream poem?? Hope it's been a great summer. xo

    1. Oh, good idea, Irene! Hope you are having fun this summer too. And thank you again for all of the great advice! Our summer poetry study is going very well. I think she has a poem or two she wants to send you. :)

  2. Ice cream for dinner! And a book for dessert! Awesome...